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Turkish Team
flag_of_turkey.jpg Turkish Team consists of young players for a future investment. Average ELO of the team is 2475.
Average age: 22.16    Average ELO: 2464   Top 4 average ELO: 2475

Wanna see team?

next team will be Armenia
Team of China
flag_of_china.jpgToday on the 2nd of December, we declare the team of China, according to their application.

Team of China in the World Team Chess Championship 2009 Bursa
Average age: 21.66   Average ELO: 2655   Top 4 Average ELO: 2684

Wanna see the team? Strong and young players of China? Then check it

The Next team is the host: Turkey
Greek Team

Greek Team in the World Team Chess Championships 2009 - Bursa

Average age: 32.33    Average ELO 2587  Top 4 ELO: 2603

The first team we declare is the Greek Team in the world team chess championships.
Here is the list

Tomorrow we declare Chinese Team

2009 World Team Chess Championship

I.  Invitation

The Government of Turkey and the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) with the patronage and support of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, have the honour to announce the 2009 World Team Chess Championship in Bursa, Turkey. The event will be held from 3rd January 2010 (arrival) to 14th January 2010 (Departure).    

II.  Participants:
II.a Federations

According to FIDE Regulations D., the following Federations are entitled to send a team:

Continental Champions: Russia, Brazil, China, Egypt

3 Qualifiers from Olympiad: Armenia, Israel, USA

Organiser Country and two invited Federations by FIDE President's approval: Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Greece

II.b  Conditions for participants:

Each team will consist of 6 athletes (4 players + 2 reserves) and one coach/captain of the team for a total of 7 persons. These 7 people from each participating team will be provided with full hospitality including lodging, accommodation.

Honorarium for players: For each players participating to event following daily honorarium will be paid:

Ex-World Champion:    100 SFr.

Grandmasters:                      50 SFr.
Others:                                30 SFr.
II.c   Players' Obligations:

a)            All players are obliged to participate opening and closing ceremony. Otherwise, honorarium will not be paid.

b)           Tournament will be played according to zero tolerance rule which is valid following the 1st July 2009.

c)            Draw offer will not be made for the first 30 moves.

d)           All federations participating accept that they will comply fully with these regulations

III.   Venue:

The players will be hosted in Bursa, Turkey in the Almira Hotel (5 stars). The tournament Hall will be Merinos Congress Centre and is less than 100m distance from the hotel.

IV.   Transportation:

Each federation is responsible to cover their own travelling expenses to Atatürk Airport Istanbul. From Atatürk Airport to the Hotel in Bursa, transportation will be provided for the 7 persons registered as the team for the participating federations. Any person registering late for the tournament will be responsible for their own transfer. Additional accompanying persons will be charge 100 euros for the trip from and to Ataturk Airport. Bursa is 2.5 hours by car to Atatürk Airport.

V.  Registration:

The federations mentioned above are obliged to send their list of players and the name of captain by 4th December 2009. After that date, FIDE is entitled to substitute the federations according to FIDE Regulations. Organisers will not cover the accommodation cost and honorarium of teams if any teams are late in their registration.

VI.  System of play:

The championships will be played using a 9 round, round-robin system. Each team will play a match against all other teams. Colours and starting numbers will be drawn at the Opening Ceremony.

VII.  Scoring and ranking:

Specific regulations of the tournament will not be used for that purpose. Each match will be scored by match points as used in the FIDE Olympiad. Winner will get 2 points, a draw will give each team 1 point, and a loss is scored as 0 points.

If any teams finish with equal game points, the tie shall be resolved as follows:

a.    by board points in total.

b.   if a tie again results, the scores obtained by the tying teams against each other will decide;

c.   if a tie again results, it shall be decided by board count (Berlin System) as follows:

·         a win on Board 1 - 4 points
·         a win on Board 2 - 3 points
·         a win on Board 3 - 2 points
·         a win on Board 4 - 1 point

In case of drawn games these points are shared.

If the board-count results in no victory for either side then the board points of Board 4 are cancelled and so on upwards until the tie is broken.

d.  if a tie still results between teams in contention for medals, these teams shall play a match against each other at a fast time-rate (15 minutes per player for the entire game);

e.     if this match is indecisive, then lots shall be drawn.

VIII.  Schedule:

3 January 2010                  Arrivals
4 January 2010                  10:00                                    Opening Ceremony

                                        15:00                                    1st round

5 January 2010                  15:00                                    2nd round
6 January 2010                  15:00                                    3rd round
7 January 2010                  15:00                                    4th round
8 January 2010                  15:00                                    5th round
9 January 2010                  15:00                                    6th round
10 January 2010                Excursion - free day
11 January 2010                15:00                                    7th round
12 January 2010                15:00                                    8th round
13 January 2010                10:00                                    9th Round
                                       19:00                                    Closing Ceremony
14 January 2010               Departures

IX.    Arbiters:
Chief Arbiter Mr.Panagiotis NIKOLOPOULOS (Greece), Deputy Chief Arbiter Mr. Faik HASANOV (AZE), ArbitersIA Selçuk Büyükvural, IA Tahsin Aktar Turkey

X.      Appeals Committee and procedure:

Chairman of Appeals Committee:                           Mr. Georgios Makropoulos
Member                                                                            Mr. Israel Gelfer
Member                                                                            Mr. Nizar Elhaj
Reserve Member                                                           Mr. Ali Nihat YAZICI
Reserve Member                                                          Mr. Geoffrey D Borg

The procedure of an appeal shall be according to FIDE rules D.07.6.5.
XI.   Officials:

Tournament Administrator: Mr.Kuvay SANLI,
Tournament Director: Mr.Melih SAGIT
XII.  Communication:
All Federations listed above are responsible to sent their player information and details with itenarary to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  &  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  or to the fax number of Turkish Chess Federation: +90 312 3109620

XIII.   Other matters:
a)     The prize fund and stipends shall be paid by the organizer at or before the closing ceremony.

b)     FIDE and the Organiser shall not be responsible if any national tax has to be deducted from the prize money or for any tax obligation of the participants in their respective countries.
c)     At any time in the course of the application of these regulations, any grounds that are not covered or any unforeseen event shall be referred to the FIDE President for final decision.

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